Nighttime Teething Solution Found! The Healing Hollow Review

Wow it’s been an intense month. Truthfully it feels as though it has been MUCH longer then a month. I thought it was 2-3 months until I actually looked at the dates. Madison cut her first tooth on Christmas Day! Exciting and very easy to remember! Leading up to Christmas Madison was having some teething discomfort but if it became unmanageable Camilia or Chamomilla 200K homeopathic remedies worked wonders to ease her discomfort. (If these homeopathic remedies don’t work for you, it just means it’s not the right homeopathic remedy for your child.) While Madison is definitely a Chamomilla child some moms find that Pulsatilla (for example) is a better fit. Here’s a great description of a Chamomilla baby and additional homeopathic remedies for teething.

Can you see my bottom tooth? :-)

Since Christmas teething has become progressively worse for Madison. She’s been wearing her Baltic Amber Necklace since she was about 2 months old. She doesn’t drool and she cut her first tooth without much fuss so we feel that it’s doing *something* we just aren’t 100% sure what, other than keeping drool at bay. We don’t want to take it off to find out if it could be worse. We’re going to add a Hazelwood necklace to the mix as well to see what the perfect combination of approaches are for Madison to teeth with more comfort and ease.

Mid January we went to Maui for 12 days for our first family vacation. It was BLISS… except that Madison was waking up every 1-2 hours whining and moaning in pain at night. On vacation, I could handle it. Lazy days at the beach, not needing to be anywhere at anytime and being able to nap as often and as long as I needed to during the day to get through the nights. I was also taking a break from being a busy entrepreneur… or should I say mompreneur!

Before we left I discovered The Healing Hollow‘s ToothFairy Tea essential oil. A local BC Mom makes these incredible essential oil blends. I was amazed at how well it works during the day to keep Madison happy and comfortable. (It’s still all we need to use during the day!!) A few dabs on her ear lobes when her gums were hurting and it was almost instantaneous relief! Amazing (my first experience with essential oils and I was really skeptical about how therapeutic they could really be.)

Toothfairy Tea!

When we returned from our vacation the Toothfairy Tea still worked wonders during the day but nothing was keeping her comfortable at night anymore. Homeopathy, amber necklace, toothfairy tea… the only thing I could do to sooth her pain and ease her back to sleep was to nurse her e-v-e-r-y h-o-u-r. I LOVE breastfeeding and up until this point I didn’t fully understand when moms said that they were feeling “touched out” or wanted a break. I was 7 months in and had yet to experience it. Well, I felt it. I broke down sobbing one night, explaining to Rich how I just wanted to sleep without a baby on my boob. I reached my breaking point. Waking up hourly is enough to make ANYONE go insane. I don’t know how mothers survive this kind of sleep deprivation for months or years. Sending so much love to those mamas for their strength and determination.

Knowing that the Toothfairy Tea was working so well during the day I reached out to The Healing Hollow to see what she would recommend for sleep and what I can only perceive as extremely painful gums. She offers 2 additional blends, Rest Assured and Pain Away for these complaints! Still skeptical but ready to TRY ANYTHING at this point I ordered the “Pain-Free Baby” 3 pack.

Pain-Free Baby 3 Pack

I am absolutely BLOWN away by how well these essential oils work. On January 31st I received my oils and used all 3 as directed for 2 of Madison’s naps… she slept for 1.5hrs each time! She normally sleeps about 30min! Then we used it again at bedtime. That was our big test. She slept 3 hours, woke up to nurse and then went back down for 4.5 hours! I woke up feeling HUMAN again! It’s been 4 nights in a row that we are back to waking every 3-4+ hours instead of 1-2 which makes a world of a difference. When she does wake, I put the oils on her again, nurse her and she falls back asleep for another stretch of sleep. Bliss!! I can’t wait to experience longer stretches of sleep when the intensity of this teething episode calms down. When it’s really bad the combination of homeopathy and the oils is most effective. Her 2nd tooth cut through on February 2nd and the way she’s teething there must be more on the way.

I’m SO impressed with The Healing Hollow (a local Fernie, BC mom’s essential oil blends) that I’ve decided to carry them for local pick-up and shipping across Canada and the US for mamas in need of a daytime or nighttime teething solution!

It’s the first “product” that I am wanting to put my name 100% behind and the little bit of extra income will help me as well while I navigate being a full-time mom and part-time entrepreneur.

Please forward this to mamas you know who could use some relief from the challenges of teething! I appreciate your support!

“A small essential oil blending business originally started for fun, turned into a local hit with the success of many blends for adults, children and babies. All oils hand made in the Kootenays, Canada in small batches and shipped all over. Made from pesticide and chemical free essential oils these blends are safe for all ages and make believers out of the biggest skeptics.”

Pain Free Baby 3 Pack – $36.95

The top selling baby blends in a convenient 3 pack:
Toothfairy Tea, Pain Away, Rest Assured
(teething, sleep and for pain)

Please Choose Local Pick-Up or Delivery:

We put the Toothfairy Tea on Madison’s ear lobes and jaw line and Pain Away & Rest Assured goes on the soles of her feet!

Questions? Email crystal@ (remove the space) or call 604-999-2702

**February 14, 2013 Update: I’m really exited that we seem to have found our perfect combo for Madison to teeth more comfortably! After wearing a hazelwood necklace for a week I’m starting to see even MORE improvements the last two nights. The oils are working beautifully during the day and applied before naps and bedtime to ease her pain and help her sleep more comfortably. I was having to re-apply the oils when she’d wake up in pain at night for her to be comfortable enough to go down for another stretch of sleep. After a week of wearing the hazelwood I no longer have to re-apply the oils in the middle of the night or give her homeopathy! (MORE sleep for ME!) Using the oils before she goes to sleep is enough! Since starting the oils she’s napping for 1.5 hours which she’s never done before and at night she’ll wake up every 3 hours or so to nurse because she’s hungry but she isn’t waking up moaning in pain anymore and she goes right back to sleep when she’s done. (Bed sharing and nursing side lying is our other secret! Allows Mom & Baby to get more sleep!) I’m impressed! During this same stretch of time she’s had her amber necklace off so I’m not sold on it’s effectiveness for Madison but I know it works wonders for other babies. I still love homeopathy and find it very effective if you find the right remedy for your child but I don’t like using it every single day and night. Hope this information helps you, happy teething mamas!

**September 8, 2013 Update: Madison is 15 months and has about 10 teeth! We had a month break from teething recently so I wasn’t using any of the oils and had forgotten how amazing they were. She started cutting her first molar and all she’s needed is the toothfairy oil! I haven’t had to use the rest assured or pain away for a couple of months! I am once again in awe and amazement at how she can be miserable during the day and not sleeping at night to happy within seconds or minutes of applying the toothfairy oil and sleeping at night (I re-apply when she wakes up to nurse if she appears to be in pain.) She’s often been sleeping 6-8 hours straight! As for teething necklaces I experimented with polished amber, raw amber and hazelwood and the verdict for Madison (every child is different) is raw amber. It seems to help her the most of the three! Happy teething mamas! Please let me know if you have any questions about these oils.

Additional info on the oils and their multiple uses:

Toothfairy Tea

Toothfairy Tea blend is a calming blend for teething babies. Made from roman and german chamomile and clove in a grapeseed base, when applied to the ear lobe and feet, babies and toddlers get relief from the nagging pain from teeth coming through. The chamomile oils relieve the tension that comes with teething and helps the nerves involved in the face and head area. Works best with Rest Assured or Pain Away.

Rest Assured

Rest Assured is a blend of oils that naturally stimulate melatonin in the brain. Blended with sandalwood, cedarwood, lavender and other amazing oils, this blend is sure to help you fall asleep. When applied gently through the day, sleep comes easier at bedtime.

Pain Away Complete

Pain Away Complete is the complete solution for all pain issues. It relieves inflammation, nerve pain, chronic pain, circulation disorders, acute injury, muscle sprains and strains, teething pains… When used over time, Pain Away Complete heals nerve pain and improves circulation. A combination of natural pain relievers like wintergreen, basil, cumin, peppermint, juniper… in a grapeseed and evening primrose base, it will give you lasting relief. Works for: Nerve disorders, Carpel Tunnel, Bell’s Palsy, neuritis, neuralgia, neuropathy. Torn ligaments, tendons. Inflammation. Spinal issues and much more.

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  1. Lena Villeneuve says

    I bought this three pack because I saw Crystal post about it in my Facebook feed. My daughter is 8 1/2 months and hasn’t cut a tooth yet but I still wanted to have all possible remedies stocked up beforehand. However, her sleep has been horrible since 4 months (she used to sleep 8-10 hrs straight) for the last 4 months or so it was usually 2-4 hours before her first feed then waking every hour or every REM cycle. Two nights ago I tried the Rest Assured- The first night she slept 7:30-2:30, 2:45-6, 6:15-8. The second night 7:30- 3:30 (8 hours!!!), 3:45- 7:45. I hope she sleeps well again tonight!!!

    I am very happy with the Rest Assured and hope I am as successful with The Tooth Fairy Tea and Pain Away Complete!

    Thanks Crystal!

  2. says

    I have to say that I am so far very impressed with this teething remedy. My son is now getting his last 4 molars at 17 months, and having these essential oils has made a huge difference for us! Having already tried many other homeopathic remedies, this one by far works the best! I will definitely be recommending the “Teething Hollow Pain Free” pack to other mothers!

  3. says

    I was always very skeptical about these necklaces and had read very mixed reviews online. I didn’t use with 1st son who was a big dribbler. Then second son had no teething problems so no problem. My 3rd son was again a big dribbler! My neighbour said the amber necklace stopped her daughter’s drool and made her more settled so I decided to give it a go….
    I bought the amber teething necklace when my son was 5 months old. He was a big dribbler and would have a soaking bib by the end of the day. Since wearing the necklace he hasn’t even needed to wear a bib!!
    He has had 5 teeth come in one month with no real problems.
    The two occasions when I have forgotten to put his necklace on him in the morning he has definitely been more irritable.
    I would say the key is to make sure you are buying from a reputable company so you know it is genuine amber.

  4. Chelsea says

    After a late night with my 7.5 month old teething baby I googled ‘nighttime teething solutions’ and this popped up. I am, buying the oils tomorrow!! Especially being from BC and individually made I’m sold. I even posted it on FB for all my friends with teething babies 😉

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