The Conscious Birth of Madison Rose – Intervention-Free Home Water Birth | PART TWO

Baby Madison is 2 months old! Wow, time sure does fly by with a newborn. In some ways it feels like she’s been a part of our family forever yet it feels like it was just last week that I pulled her up into my arms for the first time. I’ve been waiting for this moment my whole life. I’ve always wanted to be a Mom and I love my little girl more than she’ll ever know.

Vancouver Family & Baby Photographer: Vairdy Photography

Part One of my birth story was easy to write with a few moments of uninterrupted computer time. Between my notes and a few videos it was easy to piece together. I’m realizing that it’s going to take some time to write up the rest of my story. I want to honour my experience and give myself some time to sit, reflect and write (which is next to impossible with a baby and waves of family visiting from out of town.) We brought a new life into this world and that experience is very sacred to me. I don’t want to rush her birth story just because I know people are waiting and wanting to read it.

What IS ready to share is Madison’s birth video! My husband spent countless hours putting together some of the gorgeous photos we got from Vairdy Photography as well as video footage we have of her birth. (It was challenging to narrow down the photos and video clips – check out my NEW YouTube Channel where I’ll be uploading additional video clips.)

Here is the visual story of Madison’s birth:
Dear Friends, this is a family friendly edition however if you don’t want to see my breasts then stop here 😉

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The story behind Madison’s middle name “Rose”

Madison is a name that came to Rich when I was pregnant. I liked it but wasn’t willing to take a close look at names until after she was born because we didn’t even know if we were having a boy or a girl. I also wanted to meet this little soul before deciding on a name. When she was born we immediately knew that Madison was the right fit. I was laying in bed, staring at our beautiful baby (the day after she was born?) trying to decide if we wanted to give her a middle name. Rose immediately popped into my head, as if I asked a question and someone or something provided the answer for me. I thought Madison Rose Ralph sounded pretty but didn’t understand the significance of “Rose”. We later learned from my mother-in-law that Rose is the birth flower for the month of June – neat! When we created this video I realized that Rose has a deeper significance to us and Madison’s entrance into the world. My 78hr intervention-free birth experience put one of my favourite quotes to the test:

Lovely Blossoms Open When They Are Ready
“Attending births is like growing roses. You have to marvel at the ones that
just open up and bloom at the first kiss of the sun, but you wouldn’t dream
of pulling open the petals of the tightly closed buds, and forcing them to
blossom to your time line. ” ~Gloria Lemay

How fitting that Madison chose the middle name Rose, as well as a traditional birth attendant that would support her coming into this world on her own time. We are eternally grateful.

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  1. Lisa Pineo says

    That was an absolutely beautiful birth. Thank you so much for sharing such a personal and momentous experience with all of us. I have recently decided to pursue a career as a birth doula and my goal is to help women have wonderful birth experiences like yours. I didn’t have great births with my sons and I hope to help women and their support team have the kind of births they dream about. Your family is beautiful and I look forward to reading the rest of your birth story.

  2. says

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful birth with us. It may not have been short, or easy, but it was YOUR birth, which you consciously owned from before conception. Thank you for being an inspiration in owning you birth, of making conscious birthing choices, of choosing a birthing team carefully, for showing your powerful moments, your amazed moments, your vulnerable moments. A life that starts with such love and strength has unlimited potential. Welcome to the world, Madison Rose.

  3. Lorena Battistel says

    Lovely! Thank you for allowing us to share in this wonderfully intimate experience. These are the birth experiences that women need to be shown prenatally in order to increase their chances of having a “normal” birth.
    With respect and appreciation,

  4. says

    This is such a beautiful video! Thank you for sharing these precious moments with us. I notice you were saying “her” before you’d even checked :)
    I cried watching this – I can’t wait to birth my 3rd this winter, and love that you are sharing your positive birth experience with the world!

  5. Tara says

    Wow! Just wow! Tears stream down my face as write this. Im not sure that I have ever seen a more emotionally powerful birth video. Madison Rose is one lucky and blessed little girl! Welcome to the amazing journey of motherhood Crystal! It brings more joy than anything else on this earth!

  6. Nathalie says

    You’re AMAZING!!! It’s so nice for me (a young woman with hopes of a family in the future) to see such an amazing, beautiful and empowering home-birth. You’re absolutely inspiring! Take your time with the story. I’ll wait to read it, but for now, congratulations to you and Rich. So inspiring!!!

  7. says

    Thank you for sharing such a powerful video and experience. I loved seeing your wonderful birth. I’m so excited and encouraged for my own hypnobabies birth in 3 months!!

  8. Katarina says

    Thank you so much for sharing this! The videos and photos of your birthing are absolutely amazing and made me cry. I can’t wait to welcome my own little one into the world in the coming weeks, and your story gives me courage and excitement. I hope your family is doing well :)

  9. Alona says

    I am currently 28 weeks pregnant. My fiancé and I are planning a home water birth so I was searching for inspirational videos this morning when I came upon yours. It was so beautiful I was literally sobbing by the end of it. I hope to have the strength, peace, and endurance that you showed during your birth. Thank you for sharing the video.


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