How I Healed My Gluten Intolerance – Part 2

Wow, here we are 3.5 years later. I’m still happy, healthy and living without any food sensitivities or intolerances! I had no idea when I wrote the introduction and part one of my story that it was going to take me YEARS to share the rest of my story. Honestly, had I known that pregnancy, motherhood and being a MOMpreneur was going to take over my life (in a good way!) I would have waited until I had written out my entire story before sharing. Thank you to those who have been waiting and I’m sorry that the “ending” to my story is coming so much later then I had originally intended.

I wish the HOW behind healing my gluten intolerance was an easy story to tell. Perhaps one day I will write a book but for now I need to put my perfectionism aside and share SOMETHING with you, even if it is short and only a summary. I hope that it will somehow help to guide you on your journey of healing your gluten intolerance. I’ve decided that I’m going to give you a point form version of the top 8 things that I know helped me to heal my gluten intolerance. This information will be incredibly valuable for those on a similar journey and might help you find the missing pieces to your puzzle.

Please do yourself a favour and read the introduction and part one of my story so you have all the background information about how my symptoms presented, how I was diagnosed and what life looked like for me when I had a severe gluten intolerance.

Okay, now let’s move on to the good stuff:

Gluten-Free Diet – this is probably the last thing you want to hear but adhering to a 100% gluten-free diet for 3 years of my life was a HUGE part of my healing journey. It was absolutely necessary for me to live free of gluten for a period of time to give my body a chance to heal. I’m talking NO cheating or cross-contamination. When I did a trial of a gluten-free diet (for a year?) when I was a teenager and didn’t see any improvement in my health I now realize it’s because I was only about 95% gluten-free. It wasn’t until I was 100% gluten-free that I started to heal and learned that even the smallest amount of cross contamination would affect me negatively for about 2 weeks. If this happened regularly I would stay in a state of dis-ease and felt no difference on a gluten-free diet. Exploring additional allergies, sensitivities and intolerances can also be very helpful since you want to decrease the inflammation in your body to give it a chance to heal. For me that meant also eliminating dairy, soy and eggs.

Traditional Foods – it is possible to adhere to a 100% gluten-free diet and be very sick and unhealthy due to poor food choices. You need to create an internal environment that supports your body to heal itself. Packaged and processed foods that are stamped with their GF labels are not going to support your body to heal. A traditional food philosophy that draws from the wisdom of our ancestors is what resonates deeply with me. These dietary principles have supported my body to heal. At the time my approach to healing was similar to what I now know as the G.A.P.S. diet, which is a great place to start as they’ve created a structured approach to healing your gut.

The Biology of Belief – I had the opportunity to hear Dr. Bruce Lipton speak at a conference in Seattle and it was absolutely life changing. Before hearing him speak about epigenetics {video explanation} I had committed myself to a LIFETIME of gluten-free living and had accepted the fact that I would never be able to eat gluten again. I can’t even put into words how impactful the information I learned that day was and how it has drastically changed the course of my life. It is absolutely essential for you to get to a place where you truly believe that you CAN heal your gluten intolerance in order for you to be able to do it. I highly recommend Dr. Lipton’s book “The Biology of Belief” and if you have the opportunity to hear him speak in person that would be even better. Understanding the science of epigenetics and how one can change their genetic expression by changing their environment (internal and external) is a key piece to this “incurable” puzzle.

Discovering and Supporting Underlying Imbalances – I worked alongside a naturopathic doctor and took an active approach to healing secondary imbalances in my body (subclinical hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue, depression, anxiety, leaky gut…) Through the use of various herbs, homeopathy, natural remedies and acupuncture I was actively working towards bringing my body back into balance while I was living a healthy gluten-free lifestyle.

Chiropractic Care – most people think that chiropractic care is just for sore backs and necks. What they don’t realize is that it is one of the most powerful ways to bring your body back into balance and create an internal environment that enables your body to heal itself. Your body is designed to be self-regulating and self-healing but emotional, chemical and environmental stress can interfere with the way your body is made to function. A wellness-based chiropractor can assess your spine to see if there is any interference to the nerve system, which controls all the functions in your body. If an imbalance is found there are a number of techniques they can use to restore balance, enabling your nervous system to function optimally and for you to heal and express vibrant health. I have found the deepest healing through Torque Release Technique but finding a wellness-based chiropractor is even more important then the technique they use. Just as I am committed to drinking clean water, eating healthy food and moving my body I am also committed to chiropractic being a permanent part of my wellness care.

Intention – There is a huge piece of my healing journey that relates to intention. Having a very specific goal in mind and taking steps physically, mentally and emotionally to achieve it. Even though at the time my current reality was that even a tiny amount of cross-contamination with gluten would cause severe symptoms, I set a date as to when that would no longer be my reality. I have my friends Laura and Jeff to thank for this. They informed us that they were getting married at an all-inclusive resort in Mexico and they wanted us to be a part of their special day. I almost had a panic attack and experienced a complete emotional breakdown. My reality was that I couldn’t eat outside of my own gluten-free kitchen… how on earth was I going to travel to Mexico without getting sick? I couldn’t even trust local restaurants to feed me safely because I reacted so easily. In that moment (with the knowledge of epigenetics and understanding at some level that it WAS possible) I decided that we were going to book our trip and that I was going to be eating both gluten and dairy by the time we landed in Mexico. We reserved our room and I didn’t even ask if they were able to accommodate my strict dietary needs. What this did was create the space for the people and the things to come into my life that I needed to complete my healing journey. I had no idea HOW I was going to accomplish this seemingly impossible goal. I just knew that I was going to do it and trusted that the how was going to *find me*. I started using the power of visualization to fuel my intention. Every night when I went to sleep I would vividly imagine myself eating gluten and my body being able to digest it with ease. Like playing a movie in my inner mind I would imagine a life with no food sensitivities or intolerances and what that would be like. I visualized myself having an amazing trip to Mexico and being able to eat everything and anything I desired with no ill effects. I’m sure there are books that have been written on the power of intention if you want to delve deeper into this portion of my journey. The missing keys to my health puzzle presented themselves and literally found me through the power of intention:

BIE – a modern scientific approach with a traditional energetic twist. This was by far the most powerful complimentary technique that I have ever experienced with respect to my healing. BIE or Bioenergetics, (formerly known as Bio-Energetic Intolerance Elimination) is a simple, non-invasive modality that is designed to bring your body back into balance, or ‘homeostasis’. Once you are able to reach a homeostatic state, your body will heal itself of virtually any type of imbalance, and I did just that! Most BIE practitioners work with clients who suffer from sensitivities or allergies, but this process can go much deeper to truly promote self-healing faster than you can imagine. Bioenergetics uses a machine to direct an energetic signal on to various acupressure points on your body to help re-establish balance. The way I understand it, we have energy meridians running through us which are holding on to information about everything happening in and out of our body. If this information is skewed or wrong, our body will interpret things inappropriately and cause an adverse response, such as an allergic reaction. BIE works to remove these energetic blockages of information and simultaneously present the correct frequencies so our body can begin to correctly identify the stressors to which we are exposed. Since the body is now able to identify these things appropriately, the annoying (or in my case debilitating) reactions disappear! My husband was so impressed with the results I achieved with BIE that he decided to become a Bioenergetics practitioner in Vancouver so he can assist others on their path to optimal health. He is achieving amazing results!

Hypnotherapy – Another life changing experience I had was with hypnosis. I reached a point on my journey where I felt that I had healed my body but I was terrified to test out my theory and re-introduce gluten. The thought of eating gluten created so much fear and anxiety in me that I felt like I was going to create a reaction even if I no longer had a gluten intolerance. When gluten takes you from feeling stable and happy to severe depression with suicidal thoughts and feelings you take re-introducing it very seriously. I met a hypnotherapist that was confident he could help me. In 2-3 sessions I went from crumbling to the ground in tears holding a bag of bread, to taking the bread out of the bag and holding the gluten in my hands to taking a bite of a cookie! It was AMAZING to see how quickly my fear dissipated.

I wish I could remember the exact timeline now but I had a severe reaction within a month of leaving for our trip to Mexico. I did some more work with BIE and hypnosis and then I consumed a bite of gluten before we left and was totally fine. When we arrived in Mexico I ate gluten, without any ill effects for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for a full week!! I can’t even put into words what that experience was like. The freedom was indescribable. 3 1/2 years later it’s hard to remember and imagine my life on such a restrictive diet. Aside from birthing my baby girl (which tops the list!) healing my gluten intolerance is the most amazing life experience I’ve had to date.

Lesson learned? Anything is Possible!

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  1. says

    Good work Crystal! I know this post was a hard one for you to write and get around to writing being so busy with birthing and being a mom / business owner. We appreciate you’re taking the time out of your life to freely share your story with us! Thank you!

  2. Erika says

    Crystal, I must say that finding your site tonight was a blessing from God. I have not officially been diagnosed with Celiac, but like you, I KNOW that I at the very least have a gluten allergy/intolerance because I can feel the results. I have always sought natural, herbal, and homeopathic remedies for illnesses in the past, but I was ALWAYS healthy until this year. I am only 28 and it was extremely discouraging to suddenly become so incredibly ill with no explanation. Reading about your journey helped me to realize several things–that I can get my body to a state where it can heal itself, and two, that it is likely that the death of my father 3 years prior to my complete health breakdown was a huge factor in my getting sick. I wanted to leave this comment to let you know how much I appreciate you sharing your journey for it gave me the hope to continue on my own. You had some good suggestions that I have not tried (the emotional healing being one of them), but I look forward to this journey with more hope than I have had since January of 2012. Thanks for your openness and I hope to come back to your site one day and be able to tell you of my own success story :)

  3. Sarah says

    Hi Crystal,
    Thank you for sharing your story! I was wondering if you have kept up a mostly traditional foods/ GAPS- like diet, with just occasional gluten or other grains. After being gluten-free for 5 years and still getting very sick from even small amounts of cross-contamination, I started following the specific carbohydrate diet for a couple of weeks. Then I ate something with TONS of gluten (moment of weakness) and experienced no symptoms, even though I was sure I’d be very sick. I am hoping I have also somehow reversed my gluten intolerance, and would be very interested in your opinion on how much gluten/ grains can be consumed to keep symptoms from reappearing. Thanks!

  4. Rachel Sarah says

    Your sharing of your intention is POWERFUL! It truly amazes me what we’re capable of when we really commit to it.

    Thank you for sharing, especially acknowledging the emotional trigger for it – my trigger was the birth of my daughter. You’ve inspired me to write that story down to share too!

  5. Teresa Davenport says

    Your story gives me hope for my son who is 11 currently. He is both type 1 diabetic and sensitive to gluten. I already had an open mind about such matters. That’s the reason I stumbled on to your story. I have been researching natural treatments for both of his conditions. Your journey from start to the day you achieved your goal is amazing. You are an inspiration to us all. You should really think about writing a book of your journey and amazing results.

  6. Sara says

    Crystal thank you for sharing your story! I was looking up information for someone else but when I saw your story it reminded me of my life. I had breast cancer five years ago and was ‘way too young’ to have it at 39. The tumour was very aggressive but i had the lump out then a lymph node out so the drs could tell it hadnt spread. I had chemo, lost my hair, had radiation ‘to be on the safe side’. I recovered well and the drs told me that if i make it five yrs without recurrence, I was back in the same basket as everyone else in terms of risk.

    Two months out from my five year anniversary I found a lump on my lymph node above my collar bone. I could see it in the mirror. Biopsy and CT scan and PET scan showed multiple tumours in many lymph nodes, including near my heart. I was devastated. How could a few rogue cells survive chemo when I barely did?!

    The drs told me I would never be cured of cancer, the best the can do is offer a five stage treatmt plan. First stage was to stop the production of estrogen completely because that was whats feeding my cancer. The first lot of treatment boosted my estrogen, so the tumours grew. This was normal. I had three injections and had a further CT scan. My tumours were all completely gone. the drs were very surprised!

    why is this story remarkable? Because it wasnt the treatment that made my tumours disappear. I did it. Thru a complete change in diet, emotional release therapy to rid myself of negative emotions from childhood, from natural medicines including immune support, exercise, and most importantly, visualisation and body talk. I knew nothing about these things before but after my diagnosis i realised the drs couldnt help. I had to bring my body to homeostasis and clear the way for it to heal itself – exactly like you did.

    I intend to write a story, like your, to help people see that no matter what the odds you face, you can work some magic. its an individual journey, there is no ‘one size fits all’. but after reading five books on data collected about people who miraculously cured their own cancer, i behan to see common elements. your story has these too. So if you are reading this, please dont give up hope. find your way forward.

    Crystal you are amazing. I hope many people can draw inspiration from your story. I know I have. xxx

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