10 Reasons We Chose Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis

Benefits During Pregnancy

• Listening to daily pregnancy affirmations increased my confidence and trust in my body’s ability to grow and birth a healthy baby.

• Daily hypnosis sessions enabled me to connect and bond with our baby in utero and experience deep states of relaxation on a regular basis. This has numerous long-term health benefits for both mom and baby.

• We learned how to stay healthy and low risk through prenatal nutrition and exercises, which increases the choices you have available to you and decreases your chances of needing medical interventions.

• Making informed decisions came easily and naturally to us because Hypnobabies has such a comprehensive childbirth education component. We learned about all of the choices available to us during pregnancy and birth as well as what the advantages, disadvantages and natural alternatives are so we could make educated decisions about our care.

• I was able to overcome negative belief systems and programming about pregnancy and childbirth as well as create a positive expectation that our birthing would be a beautiful, peaceful experience. Hypnobabies has powerful fear clearing sessions that allowed us to address our fears, work through possible solutions and then release them. Fear in labour can create tension, which creates pain, then more fear and the cycle continues. Freedom from fear made a significant difference in our birthing experience.

Benefits During Childbirth

• We learned how to enter self-hypnosis with the drop of a finger (literally!) achieving deep states of relaxation very quickly and easily. I’ve always struggled with meditation yet with self-hypnosis I’m able to turn my busy mind off and become very deeply relaxed within seconds.

• “Eyes Open Childbirth Hypnosis” enabled me to walk, talk and move around freely yet remain very relaxed, fully present, aware and in touch with my body and my baby.

• Hypnobabies teaches medical hypno-anesthesia techniques as opposed to simple visualization and imagery and contains the same kinds of hypnotic scripts used by people who undergo surgery with hypnosis as their only anesthetic. The goal is an easier, more comfortable experience (not pain-free childbirth – although that IS possible for some women!)

• My husband was given the information and tools he needed to remain calm and confident about the birth process and how to support me during our birthing time. Birth Partners even receive their own hypnosis CD to create a confident attitude towards pregnancy and childbirth at a deep subconscious level.

• In Class #6 we did a full birth rehearsal while in hypnosis so that we could experience all our Hypnobabies techniques with different birthing positions. This gave both of us hands-on practice with all the tools we learned.

Special thanks to Gina Snyder from Truly Pure Birth Services in Port Moody & Maple Ridge for teaching our class series and allowing us to experience Hypnobabies as students!

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  1. says

    Great article, Crystal! I loved the Hypnobabies classes of yours I observed to expand my knowledge as a doula. The content of the prenatal series is extremely well rounded and informative. I also love the tracks the students are provided with. Childbirth hypnosis is a great tool to draw on during birth. I’ve loved supporting the childbirth hypnosis births I’ve attended so far, and look forward to the ones I have coming up this summer!

  2. Tara says

    I have witnessed a could Hypnobabies births and they are the most beautiful calm and amazing births to witness! I just finished the Hypnobabies hyno-doula certification package and I have my first Hypnobabies birth as a hyno-doula coming up in the next couple weeks. I am soooo excited! I wish every birthing woman knew about this and went into their birthing time with the knowledge and confidence that Hypnobabies students do!

  3. says

    What an interesting post, thank you for sharing. It’s great to see that people are embracing an all natural birth and using different methods. Some people are lucky and can automatically put themselves in a painless trance but others need practice and guidance.


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